WALWORTH is one of the oldest companies in the world, with experience and reliability in the design, manufacture, automation, and customization of valves, with the highest standards of quality and adherence to international, local, and final customer regulations. It provides integral solutions, packaging, special designs, and modifications to various industries and leading companies in their sectors.

It is the Walworth Group's leading services company.
It provides solutions in the value chain of the Oil & Gas sector, whether upstream, midstream, or downstream. It has proven capacity for execution: onshore, offshore, subsea, in "inside the fence" complexes, storage terminals, pipelines of all services, and operating conditions.

TBH is a leader in the sale of hollow and solid bars, pipes with and without seams, structural profiles, industrial materials, accessories, and connections, among others, through its network of distribution centers strategically located in different points of the country.

TWC (The Valve Company) is our WALWORTH product distributor in the United States and can provide valves in the USA, Canada, and a large part of Europe. Our partner in North America covers demand for deliveries in a shorter timeframe.

Specialists in reverse engineering in valve repairs, actuators, and field service, offering high quality, profitable, safe, and reliable work and performance in new constructions, our ally in North America covering the demand in the United States with services, maintenance and reconstruction.