WALWORTH GROUP is a group committed to occupational health atnd safety at work.

Quality is a part of the products or service and needs to be certified

Quality Product Certications

Strategic Alliances

Business Areas.

EPC projects

Our experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects guarantees the fulfillment of goals.


Participating as allies in the field of construction, we are a solid support in conjunction with our staff of highly specialized subcontractors.


A solid team in Maintenance matters, with experience in the development of prevention and control plans.

Management and Legalization

The experience of our group of professionals allows them to contribute, through socio-organizational studies, to an adequate relationship with the community and compliance with the legalization of properties.

Project Planning, Oversight and Control

Our staff of engineers with great experience and certified technicians, ensure compliance with objectives in terms of Safety, Quality and Cost-Time.

Procurement and Supplies

Our outstanding purchasing department supports the reduction of project execution times. We have a department specialized in valves of various diameters and materials

Specialized services

  • 1.-Basic maintenance of on-site diagnosis, adjustment and lubrication.

    Aimed at installed valves of any brand.

  • 2.- Maintenance for the rehabilitation of a Walworth valve.

    Aimed at Walworth brand valves that are stored out of warranty and have not entered into operation.

  • 3.- Maintenance for trim refurbishment.

    Aimed at any valve brand that was in operation and requires replacement of worn out internal parts.

  • 4.- Maintenance to correct faults or change accessories.

    Aimed at any valve brand that may be in operation or out of service.

  • 5.- Service policy of at least 1 year.

    Aimed at new valves, maintenance 2 and 3.

  • 6.- Hydrostatic tests on site (SAT).

    Aimed at any valve brand that requires a hydrostatic test.

  • 7.- Parts diagnostic, adjustments and manufacturing service.

    Aimed at any valve brand that requires a special service.

  • 8.- Non-destructive tests and start-up.

    Aimed at any equipment that requires a non destructive test, as well as for circuits where valves need to be put into operation to avoid damages.

  • 9.- Adaptation of any type of actuators.

    From selection, coupling and testing of metric, pneumatic, hydraulic, gas or oil actuators, etc.

Grupo Walworth Around the World

We are international leaders in industrial valves and our products and services have a global presence with local certifications in each country, meeting quality and excellence requirements.

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Central América

South America



Middle East